Heating and cooling home comfort at its best


Buying a new home in Burlington or remodeling an old one in Oakville or Hamilton? Consider installing a new AC unit with a Boonstra cooling expert and prepare to get comfortable!


Advantages of installing a new air conditioning unit:


Superior comfort

A properly installed modern air conditioning system lets you enjoy more consistent temperatures and humidity control.


Cost savings

A new A/C system gives you the latest, energy-saving technology which helps reduce your utility bills.


Environmentally friendly

Newer systems use an improved refrigerant that saves energy. That translates into less environmental impact.


Better indoor air quality

Air is better ventilated with newer systems, zapping airborne germs, trapping particles, and controlling humidity to limit mould and mildew growth.


From central air conditioners to wall or ductless units, our experts can advise you on the best air conditioner system that will improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Also, we guarantee proper installation so you can enjoy more consistent temperature control and improved indoor air quality.


Contact Boonstra today to schedule a consultation on a new air conditioning system.

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