Beat the heat with our expert air conditioner repair services


Air conditioner breakdown? No sweat. Whatever the problem, you can rely on Boonstra’s expert 24/7/365 residential AC repair service. We fix all brands, central and ductless air conditioners. With over 55 years of HVAC service experience, we’ll keep your family comfortable all summer long.


Our air conditioner repair service includes:


Air Conditioner Diagnostic and Safety Check

In order to properly assess the problem, we first perform an AC diagnostic which includes a full safety check of your unit. If your unit is experiencing an issue that can be resolved quickly, we can identify and fix the problem on the spot. If parts are required for a repair, we'll include our travel time to get those parts in your diagnostic fee.


Recommendations & Extras

If your air conditioner requires a repair, our technician will provide a full list of recommendations to ensure your family's cooling system gets back up and running smoothly and quickly. We also have the best guarantees available – if you have problems with your air conditioner repair during the first cooling season, we will repair it again absolutely FREE.


In some cases, it may make more sense to replace your air conditioner. In these cases, we will arrange an in-home consultation on a new air conditioner system to ensure that you get the best air conditioning model for your home's size and your family's needs.


Boonstra is here to help you with all of your heating and cooling repair needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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