Air conditioning equipment help make hot weather bearable


Air conditioning is said to date back as far as ancient Egypt. They suspended reeds in their windows and saturated them with water. As breezes blew in the window, the air was cooled by the water evaporating off the reeds. In today’s world, with radical climate change and an increasing need for clean, safe, hypoallergenic air, most people can benefit from the many advantages associated with cool air. There are various air conditioning systems and it's important to determine which is the best one for your home and your family, including:



Selecting your air conditioning system


Before you buy an air conditioner, it is wise to first consider the space you're shopping for: do you need to cool your entire home or just a specific room? Do you have the proper electrical requirements? The key is to determine exactly the right size for you. Too small an air conditioner will continuously run and will not adequately cool a room. Too large a unit will tend to cycle off too quickly. The unit will not properly remove moisture from the air and may freeze, resulting in a higher energy bill.


Ask a qualified air conditioning technician for a thorough home comfort analysis so that you get exactly what you need. At Boonstra we can help you find the perfect air conditioner to keep cool this summer.


Installing, maintaining, repairing your air conditioning system with Boonstra


Boonstra offers a variety of services for your air conditioning system, including:



We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about air conditioning systems or about ways to improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Our energy experts and licensed technicians are familiar with all types of home cooling systems.


Whatever your air conditioning needs, Boonstra can help keep you and your family cool and comfortable. Contact us today!

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