Is it time to upgrade your furnace? Is your furnace not working properly?


If you have an older, inefficient furnace or a furnace that needs frequent repairs, it may be time for an upgrade. There are many benefits to upgrading your home's heating system.


The benefits of installing a new furnace:


  • Increased safety
    As furnaces age, they run the risk of developing cracks in the heat exchanger, so if carbon monoxide is present it could leak into your home undetected.
  • Cost savings
    A new energy efficient furnace can save you up to 25% of your home's heating costs per year.
  • Increased efficiency
    Older furnaces are typically not very energy efficient. As your furnace ages, it can begin to lose its effectiveness, requiring more service calls and frequent repairs.
  • Future investment
    By upgrading your home comfort systems, you'll increase the total value of your home.


Boonstra understands that every home is different, and that's why we will visit your home for free to assess your specific heating needs. So don't get 'burned' by a bad furnace, book an in-home consultation and start getting more comfortable.