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Forced Air Furnaces are the most common method Canadians use to maintain warm and comfortable home temperatures. The term ‘forced air’ refers to a furnace which forces hot air through a network of ducting throughout the home that exit through vents in each room to provide warmth. The primary components of the system include: an air filter, a blower motor, a heat exchanger/element/coil, and various controls. A thermostat is used to control temperature in the house. The majority of furnaces we see are fueled by natural gas. Although oil and propane are also common, heat pumps are less common.


Forced air furnaces are popular due to the many advantages they offer, including:


  • Built in air filtration eliminates airborne dust and improves indoor air quality
  • Reliable and fast heating
  • Improved home ventilation via air movement (fresh air is brought in from outside)
  • Cost savings via a lower annual heating bill
  • Simple installation
  • Adds value to your home
  • 96% efficiency rating on average
  • Easily accommodates central air conditioning


No more sweater on, sweater off!


Furnace technology has advanced significantly over the years to improve not only energy efficiency, but also comfort.  Early natural gas furnaces were only 50% efficient, which means for every dollar you paid to the utility company, fifty cents went to heat your home and fifty cents was wasted and heated the outdoors.  Additionally, furnaces were either on or off which resulted in wide fluctuations in temperature inside the home.  It was common to need a sweater one moment, and then remove it twenty minutes later, and then put it back on, take it off, etc…


Now we have 96% efficient furnaces, which not only save the environment, save on fossil fuels and save you money, but they also use significantly less electricity.  Furthermore, the blower motor and gas valve in furnaces can be variable speeds and modulating to give you just the right amount of heat.


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