Gas water heaters provide a reliable hot water supply for a large family


As the name suggests, gas water heaters primarily use natural gas to heat water. A small chamber filled with water is heated with the help of burning natural gas or liquid petroleum gas. These heaters were used even before the invention of electrical appliances, but many people are still using more sophisticated natural gas water heaters today.


Advantages of natural gas water heaters:


  • Stays functional if the power terminates (no electricity required)
  • Heating is gradual, so it supports energy conservation
  • Easy to repair
  • The user is able to control the rate of heating and also the extent of heating


Natural gas and propane gas are the two types of gases typically used to operate water heaters. Natural gas water heaters offer two distinct choices in style (storage tank and tankless) and three choices for venting (conventional, direct vent, and power vent).


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