No more dry skin, scratchy throat and static electricity buildup when you have the right amount of humidity in your home comfort system


If winter in your home means uncomfortable side effects due to artificial heating, you may have a problem with low humidity. Humidifying your home to provide proper moisture levels will help alleviate these symptoms. Humidifiers increase the humidity in the air in a safe, water vapour form to help make your home healthy and comfortable. Controlling humidity can also help you save money on energy bills.


Whole-house humidifiers are installed in the ductwork, next to your furnace and they add humidity to your entire home. Most have humidistats, allowing you to set the exact level of humidity you want. Installing a humidifier is an easy job if you're replacing your furnace, but you can also have a humidifier fitted to your current system.


Some advantages of humidifiers include:


  • Reduced static electricity
  • No more dried out nasal passages
  • Reduced susceptibility to colds and flu viruses
  • Fewer respiratory-related problems
  • Financial benefits
  • Houseplants survive longer
  • Hardwood floors crack less
  • Wallpaper is less prone to peeling


If you are interested in installing a home humidity system, or if you want us to assess your home comfort needs, contact us today.

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