Create fresher, cleaner air in your home with a UV air purification system


When we think of air pollution, we most often think of smoggy city skylines and factories erupting with smoke, and we associate it with being outdoors. The truth is that the air inside our homes and workplaces can be far more toxic, particularly when you consider how much time we all spend indoors.


The good news is that in the same way that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are capable of eradicating certain impurities from outdoor air, advancing technology allows us to replicate that effect for your home’s indoor air.


An ultraviolet light can be inserted into your ductwork to help purify the air and destroy the pollutants that you would otherwise be breathing in, including mould, mildew, odours, bacteria, germs and viruses. In-line UV systems are fitted within your duct systems to treat the air as it moves through your home. UV light can also be used near the coil of a forced air air conditioning unit so that bacteria don’t have a chance to grow in areas of the system that are prone to dampness.


In-room UV air purification units are also available if you do not have the ductwork required for a forced-air heating and cooling system in your home.


UV air purification technology is used by hospitals and other medical facilities to minimize the spread of germs and airborne diseases. You can now harness this same power to keep your family healthy with clean air.


Contact Boonstra to learn more about UV air purification systems. Our experts will explain the benefits both portable and whole-house models provide, and help you choose the right air quality solution to suit your home and budget.

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