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Hamilton Air Conditioning Services

AC Professionals Serving Hamilton, Ontario

As temperatures soar during the summer months, you need an air conditioning system you can count on. Whether you are looking to install a brand new system or need to keep your current equipment running at its best, BOONSTRA has you covered.

Our air conditioning services in Hamilton are backed by over 60 years of experience and include comprehensive, professional support with installations, replacements, maintenance, and repairs. We care about your comfort and are here for you whenever your cooling equipment needs attention. That means we are available for repairs 24/7/365. Plus, you can receive this emergency service at no extra charge – even on weekends or holidays. 

Our team is confident we can help meet your cooling needs, so book an appointment online or call (289) 802-6257 today!

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The BOONSTRA Difference

Certified Technicians Providing Exceptional Service
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    All our installations are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of installation.

  • Decades of Experience

    We have expertise you can trust with over 60 years of experience in the HVAC industry.

  • Locally Based & Operated

    Boonstra has been based in Hamilton since 1961. We’ve had a lot of time to get to know our neighbours.

  • Reliable Service

    Expert service whenever you need it, for no extra charge –24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Professional Repairs

To help avoid unexpected breakdowns and keep your AC unit operating efficiently throughout the summer, you should be aware of the early indicators that professional repairs may be needed. Regular maintenance and recognizing warning signs are key to preventing escalating, major issues with your air conditioning equipment.

You may need our air conditioning services in Hamilton if you are dealing with any of the following problems:

  • Insufficient cooling. If the air coming out of your vents is warm or not as cold as it used to be, there could be issues with the compressor or refrigerant levels.
  • Weak airflow. This could be due to a clogged filter, a failing motor, or obstructions in the ductwork. Professional evaluation will likely be necessary to diagnose and resolve the issue.
  • Frequent cycles. While air conditioners naturally cycle on and off to maintain desired temperatures, constant cycling, even on mild days, might signal an underlying problem. It could be due to faulty thermostat settings, low refrigerant, or an issue with your AC's electrical components.
  • Unusual noises. It's normal for an AC unit to make a low humming sound when operating. However, loud, sudden, or unusual noises, such as grinding, squealing, or rattling, can indicate serious mechanical issues that need immediate attention from a professional.
  • Unpleasant odours. If you notice unpleasant smells emanating from your AC vents, it could be a sign of mould growth within the unit or ductwork. Burning smells might indicate a problem with the electrical components. 
  • High humidity levels. Your air conditioner also helps manage indoor humidity as it cools the air. If your home remains humid despite the AC running, there may be issues with your unit’s ability to regulate moisture.
  • Leaks or moisture. Any moisture or leakage around or near your AC system is a sign of trouble. It might be due to a refrigerant leak, which can pose serious health risks, or a blocked drain tube, which needs to be cleared to prevent water damage to your home.

How Long Do Air Conditioning Systems Last?

The lifespan of an air conditioning system can vary depending on several factors. These include the type of unit, frequency of maintenance, and environmental conditions in which it operates.

On average, central air conditioning systems can last between 15 to 20 years. This expected service life can only generally be achieved with regular maintenance and prompt attention to any necessary repairs. Without proper care, the lifespan could be significantly shorter, with systems potentially needing replacement after just 10 years.

Window air conditioners and portable units often have a shorter lifespan, typically ranging from 8 to 10 years. These units may be more prone to wear and tear due to their occasional usage. Regular servicing is crucial to extend their operational life.

No matter the type of air conditioning system your home has, we can assess its health and advise when it may be time to think about a replacement. You can trust the pros at BOONSTRA to provide honest advice and knowledgeable guidance about what your cooling equipment needs and when it could be past its prime. Whether you need a simple tune-up, emergency repairs, or a complete system replacement, our air conditioning services in Hamilton can help keep you cool.

Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioning System

Investing in a new air conditioning system can offer a range of significant advantages that extend beyond temperature control. We can walk you through available air conditioning systems and explain what their features can do for your home. 

Here are several potential benefits of installing a new air conditioning system:

  • Improved energy efficiency. Newer air conditioning systems are designed with advanced energy-efficient technology. This can reduce your environmental impact and lower your energy bills. An efficient system uses less electricity to achieve the same level of cooling, potentially translating to significant cost savings over time.
  • Enhanced comfort and performance. Upgraded AC systems typically feature improved cooling capabilities that are capable of delivering more consistent and effective temperature control throughout your home. These systems can more quickly and efficiently regulate indoor temperatures, meaning you should generally have an easier time maintaining a comfortable environment, even during extreme heat.
  • Improved indoor air quality. Many modern air conditioners come equipped with superior filtration systems that help remove dust, allergens, and other pollutants from the air. This can lead to improvements in indoor air quality.
  • Quieter operation. Modern air conditioning systems are designed to operate more quietly than older models. This can further improve the comfort of your living space by eliminating the disruptive noise often associated with older cooling units. 
  • Reduced repair costs. Older air conditioning units are prone to frequent breakdowns and repairs, which can become increasingly costly over time. A new system, thanks to its updated technology and fresh parts, is generally less likely to encounter these issues.
  • Advanced features and technology. Today’s air conditioners frequently come with advanced features, such as programmable thermostats, remote controls, and smart home integration. These features can allow you to customize your cooling settings to suit your specific comfort preferences.
  • Increased property value. Installing a new, efficient, and modern air conditioning system can sometimes boost the value of your property. Potential buyers often consider the state of HVAC systems when evaluating a home, and a newer, high-performing air conditioning unit can make your property more attractive.

If your air conditioning equipment needs attention or if you have questions about installing a new unit, call (289) 802-6257 or contact us online

Hear From Our Happy Customers

At BOONSTRA, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our customers have to say about working with us.

    “Excellent service by Boonstra personnel!”
    “Excellent service by Boonstra personnel in our recent installation of our new furnace and heat pump. As customers of Boonstra for the past 15 years, we have never been surprised or let down by their workmanship and service!”
    - Al & MaryAnn B.
    “Boonstra, you are a blessing for our city, thank you so, so much!”
    “I love punctuality, I love cleanness, honesty and knowledge, I love all the Boonstra employees! My furnace stopped working, and I called Boonstra in the middle of night. Their response was immediate.”
    - Željana B.
    “Quick, reliable and honest service.”
    “Our Technician was polite, respectful and knowledgeable. Thank you Chris S for fixing our A/C problem quickly and at a fraction of the cost others quoted!”
    - Madison V.
    “We had an excellent experience using Boonstra.”
    “They worked diligently to get the job done as quickly as possible. They protected all our surfaces and left the site perfectly clean. If you want the job done properly, fast, and efficient, call Boonstra.”
    - Kristin K.
    “Thank you for your great work.”
    “Great service and skilled tradesmen NH & helper, had our high-efficiency furnace/ac/humidifier combo (amazing prices!) installed quickly & last minute on a Sunday! Most importantly left the unit and work area looking amazing.”
    - Stephanie H.
    “Love Boonstra. They’re always speedy and professional.”
    “Our furnace died and they had someone out that night to see what they could do and a brand new one in the morning. Professional, friendly. Made my experience painless! Never going with another company.”
    - Gillian O.
    “I will definitely call Boonstra next time around.”
    “Very friendly. Awesome service. Great experience. Plus, we aren’t melting any more. I couldn’t be happier.”
    - Michael C.
    “Thank you to the entire team and I would highly recommend Boonstra!”
    “Wonderful experience with Boonstra. Our old furnace died and Boonstra was very quick to respond in what could have been emergency conditions. Very cold weather.”
    - John M.
ENERGY STAR® for Your Home

We’re proud to offer ENERGY STAR® certified products, the gold standard for measuring energy efficiency in North America. Whether you’re looking for a furnace, air conditioner, water heater, or heat pump, all products with the ENERGY STAR® label have undergone rigorous testing for energy efficiency. For you, this means lower emissions and a lower energy bill.