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What Should You Expect To Pay To Replace Your Air Conditioner?


So, the summer months are on their way, and you just found out your air conditioner is no longer up for the challenge anymore and will need a replacement. Especially for Hamilton and Burlington’s more humid climate, an air conditioner is almost mandatory for a lot of citizens, and we don’t blame them.

But what should you be ready to spend when it comes to replacing your air conditioner? Simply put, no air conditioner is at a fixed price. Every single one has a vast swath of variables to consider, and we want you to know all of your options inside and out before you make a decision.

So, what should you expect to pay to replace your air conditioner? Or better yet, what should you take into consideration when purchasing a new air conditioner?

Size of Your Home

One of the first things to consider when you are buying a new central air conditioner is the size of your home. Air conditioners are found in an array of sizes, each one for a specific size of a house. For homes around 1,600 square feet, you will probably be looking for a 3-ton air conditioner. A ‘ton’ is the measurement of how much heat the A/C unit can remove from your home within an hour. 

For example, a 3-ton unit can remove about 36,000 BTU’s of heat from your home within an hour. The larger the house, the more tons it will need to stay cool. However, this is not a hard and fast rule as some houses might have different natural room-temperatures (like a cooler basement or living room) you might need to consider before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

Quality of Your Ducts

If you are looking to purchase a new central air conditioning system, one of the next things to take into consideration is the state of the ducts in your home. While reports have stated cleaning your ducts may not be something quintessential to your quality of life inside your home, overly damaged, dusty, or pest-infested ducts can lead to poorer performance from both your air conditioner and your furnace. 

There is also the possibility of extra ductwork needed to properly hook your central air conditioner to the rest of your duct system. Speak to our HVAC professionals to take a proper look at your duct system and see if there is anything that will need addressing.

SEER Efficiency Rating

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or: how energy efficient your air conditioning unit compared to the amount of cold air it can dispense. How it’s rated is by taking the A/C’s total output of cold air, measured in BTU, divided by the amount of energy the unit has used. 

The minimal rating an air conditioner can have is 13, but there are air conditioners available with SEER ratings of 27 for those looking to spend some extra cash.

Contractors Fee & Length of Job

While it might seem tempting to purchase an air conditioner and install it yourself to save a couple extra bucks, the know-how to achieve this is quite extensive. If your A/C system requires hookups to your electrical panel or if your duct system will need attachments to connect correctly, then it is best to hire a professional.

Refrigerant, a prime component in an air conditioner, can only be handled by EPA certified technicians to be appropriately installed today to get a quote on your air conditioner installation.


As you may have already noticed, the price of an air conditioner can vary because of a multitude of factors. If you are planning on spending the cash on a new air conditioning unit, expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 to $8,000 depending on your home, type of central air conditioner, and installation.

Not every home is built the same, so it is best to book a consultation with one of our HVAC experts. By booking an in-home consultation, you can rest assured you will be receiving the best possible pricing for your needs and the demands of your home.

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