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Do high efficiency furnaces last longer


When it comes to heating our homes, efficiency is everything. High-efficiency furnaces have gained a great deal of interest as of late as energy conservation and sustainability become paramount. But, aside from the assured energy bill savings, many homeowners wonder if these cutting-edge appliances have a longer lifespan than their conventional counterparts.

Boonstra Heating and Air Conditioning delves into everything high-efficiency furnaces in this post. So, if you're wondering whether a high-efficiency furnace is an excellent long-term investment in your comfort, keep reading!

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What is the advantage of a high-efficiency furnace?

High-efficiency furnaces provide a number of benefits and advantages, which have made them a popular choice for homeowners searching for a way to enhance their heating systems while lowering their energy bills. Here are the main advantages:

  • Lower Energy Bills: Because high-efficiency furnaces convert more of the energy they use into heat. As a result, energy bills are reduced for long-term savings. 
  • Diminished Environmental Effects: Because high-efficiency furnaces use less fuel, they emit fewer greenhouse gases. They are a more environmentally friendly option, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.
  • Better Air Quality: High-efficiency furnaces with advanced filtration technology allow for better indoor air quality by getting rid of more contaminants and pollutants, promoting a healthier environment to live in.
  • Consistent Performance: High-efficiency furnaces are built to perform even in extreme cold weather, guaranteeing you stay warm when you need it the most.
  • Longer Lifespan: While high-efficiency furnaces may have a more expensive start-up cost than traditional furnaces, they have a longer lifespan due to cutting-edge technology and a lower rate of wear and tear.

What is the life expectancy of a high-efficiency furnace?

A high-efficiency furnace's life expectancy can vary depending on a number of factors, including the furnace's quality, its use, the amount of maintenance it receives, and the circumstances under which it is operated. That said, a well-maintained, high-efficiency furnace can typically last 20 to 30 years or even longer.

As such, the best way to ensure your home’s furnace remains efficient for as long as possible, it’s essential that you schedule a yearly maintenance appointment with a professional HVAC company in your area. Maintenance detects and addresses minor problems before they escalate to major ones, lowering the risk of failures and costly repairs. Furthermore, regular inspections can reveal potential safety hazards, particularly in heating systems, preventing any potential hazards to your home and family.

Is it worth upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace?

Many homeowners may find that upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace is worthwhile, but this depends on a variety of factors. Here are some things to think about to see if it's a good investment for your particular situation:

  • Long-Term Savings: While high-efficiency furnaces are more expensive, they typically last longer and have fewer repair problems, which leads to long-term savings that will pay itself off.
  • Rebates and incentives: Check to see if you qualify for any government incentives or local rebates for upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace. These can offset some of the initial costs.
  • Resale Value of Your Home: Homes with high-efficiency heating systems typically have higher resale values, which can be beneficial if you are thinking about selling your property in the future.
  • Existing System Condition: Consider your furnace's current state. Upgrade to a high-efficiency model if it is old, inefficient, and needs repairs often. 
  • Budget and Affordability: Evaluate your financial situation and budget. While high-efficiency furnaces provide long-term savings, the cost of installing them can be substantial and impractical.

Ultimately, homeowners should consult with an HVAC professional to assess their specific needs. By doing so, a home comfort advisor will be able to recommend the most suitable and cost-effective heating solution for your home.

Is a high-efficiency furnace worth the extra cost?

The value of a high-efficiency furnace is determined by your priorities, budget, and long-term goals. If the extra cost is justified by energy savings, environmental concerns, long-term savings, comfort, and potential incentives, the additional cost can be justified. To make the best decision for your home, consider your unique circumstances and consult with a professional. They'll be able to provide you customized advice based on your individual needs and budget.

Are you in the market for a new, efficient furnace now? If so, the team at Boonstra Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help! Our team of certified HVAC technicians and home comfort advisors have years of experience partnering with homeowners throughout the Hamilton area and surrounding neighbourhoods!

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Call and speak to one of us directly, or use our online booking system to arrange an at-home consultation with a home comfort advisor! All homeowners will also receive a complimentary new system purchase quote!

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The certified HVAC team at Boonstra Heating and Air Conditioning is excited to partner with you!

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