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Is It Bad To Switch Between Heat And Ac


If you live in Ontario, you know first-hand how unpredictable the weather can be, especially as we near the beginning of spring and summer. As temperatures fluctuate often, it's common for homeowners to use both their heating and cooling systems to stay comfortable.

A common question we get is whether it's okay to switch back and forth between heating and air conditioning without causing damage to your overall HVAC system. To put it simply, yes, you can switch back and forth in the same week without causing damage.

But, there is a correct way to change between heating and cooling. So, stick around as we outline the safest way to do so below!

Will switching damage my HVAC system?

Changing from your heating to your cooling can cause unnecessary stress on your HVAC system if you don't make the switch properly. We understand that the weather can be unpredictable, and while it's important to keep your indoor environment at a desired temperature, it can cause higher energy bills to do so can get expensive over time and lead to expensive repairs given the unnecessary strain that is being put on your system as you make dramatic temperature changes indoors.

What should I do to avoid damaging my HVAC system?

To avoid HVAC unit damage, you'll want to change the temperature gradually and only by a few degrees to maintain your indoor comfort. These minor adjustments will give the appliance enough time to reach the indoor temperature you want without putting extra strain on it's internal mechanical parts.

It's also important to note that changing the indoor temperature dramatically on your thermostat from hot to cold and vice versa is not going to make your heater or air conditioner work any faster. In reality, it's really just going to make your HVAC use more energy and degrade at a quicker rate.

Beyond switching from one unit to the other system by slightly increasing or lowering the temperature on thermostat, make sure you book regular maintenance appointments with a certified technician to ensure your heater and air conditioner remains in good shape throughout the years. This can help minimize the strain your system may experience when changing from one system to the other.

What is the process of switching between heat and AC?

To safely switch between your heater and cooling system correctly and safely without increasing your energy bill, do the following:

1. Set your thermostat to AUTO

When your thermostat is set to ON it will run continuously, even after the temperature you want indoors has been achieved. As you can probably guess, this can waste a ton of energy and increase your utility costs and degrade your system. Instead, set your thermostat to AUTO. This will ensure that your HVAC system turns off after the temperature has been reached.

2. Program the temperature you want

To balance indoor comfort and energy savings, in the winter set your thermostat to 20 degrees Celsius. In the summertime, set it to 24 degrees Celsius.

3. Wait for the system to finish its current cycle

Let the current cycle finish and then shut your thermostat off. Then wait a couple of minutes before turning the HVAC system back on. This will be softer on the system and prevent wear and tear.

4. Change the temperature a few degrees

Now, you can slightly increase the temperate a bit cooler or warmer on your thermostat. You can make small changes over time to reach a more drastic temperature change in your home. Just avoid a drastic switch if you can.

5. Prevent short cycling

A short cycle will happen when you try to heat or cool your home too quickly. To avoid this, make sure you turn the thermostat off as the HVAC system shuts down so it can fully complete its cycle.

Should I respect the complete cycle of the HVAC?

Yes, it's important that you allow your HVAC to complete the cycle that it is currently going through before making any drastic changes to your indoor temp. Trying to hurry the heat or cooling cycle is going to damage your appliance; and contrary to popular belief, it's not going to heat or cool your home any faster.

It's better to wait five minutes as the HVAC shuts down before setting the thermostat once more.

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